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20 Ways to Use Your Healing Crystals

The list below has 20 different ways that you can use healing crystals.  These are real examples, based on my experiences and experiences that other people have shared with me.

This list is meant to inspire you, to help you see the many possibilities of using your healing crystals!

No. 1 - Carry a piece of Tiger Eye in your pocket when you have an important meeting

No. 2 - Place a Rose Quartz sphere in your place of business to attract positive people

No. 3 - Use an Amethyst geode in your healing room to shield against "negative" ener

No. 4 -- To relieve pain, place a piece of clear Quartz on a painful or injured area of the body.

No.5 -  Place yellow Citrine near your computer to remove obstacles to manifesting money.

No. 6 - Lay Lapis Lazuli on your third eye to increase your intuition.

Garnet Healing Properties

No. 7 - Wear a Red Garnet ring on the right hand to boost energy when you are really exhausted.

No. 8 - Carry a piece of Hematite in your pockets when you are feeling scattered.

No. 9 - Wear an Aventurine pendant over the heart area to help you find your life purpose.

No. 10 - Wear a green Tourmaline ring on the left hand during healing to dissolve congested energy.

No. 11 - Use Red Jasper during your monthly period to balance your energy.

No.12 - Place Celestite on your throat chakra to help you find your true voice.

No. 13 - Wear a Rose Quartz pendant over your heart while mourning for a lost loved one.

No. 14 - Carry Apache Tears when your heart has been broken.

No.15 - Wear Turquoise when you are exhausted and in need of divine assistance.

No.16 -  Clear your aura and remove blockages with a Selenite wand.

No.17- Imagine yourself moving through a Labradorite portal to access higher consciousness.

No. 18 - Wear a Rhodochrosite pendant to attract true love.

No. 19 - Place Moss Agate in a planter to help plants grow.

No. 20 - Carry Aquamarine when you need extra courage.

The list is endless.  How do you enjoy using your healing crystals?  Comment below.

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