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Clean Your Crystal

5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Crystals

How to Clean Your Crystals.

When we use crystals for healing, they absorb the energy of the person receiving the healing.  This includes all the emotions, feelings, and pains of that person. Before the crystal is used again that “dirty” or congested energy should be removed.

Cleaning your healing tools helps them to remain clear and energized!

How do you know if your crystal needs to be cleansed? 

Try scanning your crystal.  Rub your hands together and then scan the crystal by moving your hand around the crystal.  You may feel pain, stickiness or heaviness around the crystal.  A crystal that needs clearing may feel lifeless or dull.

Here are 5 simple ways to effectively clear and clean your healing crystals:

1.  WATER AND SALT.  Soak your crystals in salt water for about 30 minutes.  Use a small handful of salt for a couple cups of water.  Salt has the ability to disintegrate dirty energy.  Himalayan salt is especially good for cleansing.  Very porous stones or soft stones should not be cleaned with salt water.

2.  OM.  Place your crystals near music with the “OM” mantra.  Keep the crystal there for 30 minutes or more until you feel the energy in the crystal become clear.  The higher the vibration level of the individuals chanting, the more effective the cleansing.

3. INCENSE.  A quick way to clean crystals is to use incense.  Sandalwood is known for its cleansing effect and is good choice for cleaning your crystal.  Simply hold your crystal in the smoke of the incense for a few minutes.  Sage is also good for cleansing your crystals.  You can increase the effectiveness if you set the intention for all dirty energy to be removed.

4.  MOONLIGHT:   Place your crystals on your windowsill or outside in the moonlight.  They simple need a safe place where the moonlight can reach them.  Moonlight has a very gentle cleansing effect.  During the full moon, the cleansing is especially effective.

5. SELENITE:  Place your crystal on Selenite for 6 hours or so.  Set your intention for the Selenite to cleanse and remove all congested energy.  Selenite will also help to reactivate your crystal.

After cleaning, rescan your crystals.  They should feel light and free of stickiness and heaviness!  If the crystal is especially congested you may need to do the cleansing for longer.

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