5 Tips For Using Crystal Pendulums
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Using Crystal Pendulums

5 Tips For Using Crystal Pendulums For Yes-No Questions

Using A Crystal Pendulum Is A Great Way to Get Answers to YES or NO questions.

Every day we are bombarded with decisions to make.  Something as simple as a cup of coffee requires choices.  Hot or cold?  Latte or cappuccino?  Flavoring or no flavoring?  As technology grows the time we have to respond to any given question is dramatically reduced. Information is at our fingertips, but we can’t always make sense of it.

The pendulum is a tool to help us clear through the information overload, to slow down, to connect with the Universe, and get answers that we seek.

Here are 5 tips for using crystal pendulums for yes-no questions….


No. 1 Pick out a pendulum that feels right to you.

It should be well balanced, with a sturdy string or chain attached.  Make sure the string or chain holding the pendulum is untangled.  You do not want the string or chain to interfere with your results.

No. 2 Train the pendulum.

Ask the pendulum to show you the response for yes, no, maybe and not now. My direction for yes is vertical, no is horizontal, maybe is a circle to the right, and not now is a circle to the left (It’s like a magic 8 ball with all of these answers!).  You may want to carry the pendulum in your pocket for a day to connect with its energy.

No. 3 Prepare your question.

Then clear your mind and be open to the answer. By keeping your mind clear and open, you will less likely influence the response with what you want the answer to be.

No. 4 Express gratitude for the response.

Thank who or what you believe to be your source of answers, and be thankful for the answers you receive even if they are not what you expected.  If you need, ask additional questions for clarification.  Be patient.

No. 5 Clean and re-energize the pendulum.

At night you can place the pendulum in the moonlight for a natural cleansing and recharging.   Keep the pendulum in a soft pouch when you are not using it.

Thank You To Pendulums and Periwinkle for sharing information in this article.