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Your Crystal Journey
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6 Amazing Bird And Crystal Look-Alikes

It is hard to beat the beauty of nature!

Birds with their beautiful plumage, and minerals with their spectacular colors and shapes are nature’s works of art.  The beauty doubles when you discover natural matches between birds and minerals.

In these next photos, you will see birds and minerals with remarkable similarities.  It is impossible to say which is more beautiful!


Pair No. 1

The Emerald Starling

emerald-starling-190092_640 (2)

Emerald and Lapis Lazuli

lapis-665516_640 (2)

 Pair No. 2


osprey-67786_640 (2)

Snowflake Obsidian

snowflake-obsidian-665711_640 (2)

 Pair No. 3


peacock-573411_640 (2)

Peacock Ore


 [for more info on Peacock Ore see: Peacock Ore, The Stone Of Happiness]

Pair No. 4

Pink Flamingo

flamingo-825644_640 (2)

Pink Rhodochrosite

pink-rhodochrosite-stone-pendant-665751_640 (2)

Pair No. 5

White Owl

owl-408565_640 (2)

Solar Quartz

solar-quartz-665492_640 (2)

Pair No. 6

Ruby Throated Hummingbird

colubris-386847_640 (2)

Ruby and Pearl

ruby15978947_s (2)

Feature Photo:  Macaw and Agate