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Your Crystal Journey
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A Geode Wedding

The Geode Wedding

There is something magical about crystals and weddings.  Together they make the ultimate match!

From geode cakes to  geode covered center pieces to geode rings, the latest trend in weddings is the GEODE. Take a look!

Handcrafted Geode Cake by Intricate Icing

"In a feat of fascinating geological and culinary expertise, cake designer Rachael Teufel has created an amethyst geode wedding cake that is rocking our world." (theknot.com)

geode wedding

Geode Alter Featured by TiffanyBaking.com

"Geode wedding decor, crystal wedding cake. Geodes are just so darn purty. Cake by Tiffany's Baking Co., geode from Enter the Earth, furniture by East West Vintage Rentals, photography by Michelle Lyerly Photography."

Geode Wedding

Geode inspiration board by:  SweetVioletBride.com

"Geodes are one the worlds prettiest natural wonders. I mean, can you imagine the first person who found one of these rocks, ordinary on the outside, and cracked it open to find a world of sparkly crystals? ...Incorporate actual geode halves or slices in décor, wear geode jewelry, or even use rock candy to top your desserts!"

Geode Wedding

Geode Wedding Photo Shoot by FlourishDesigns.com

It is no secret that I love to get creative. “Wedding Inspiration Shoots” give me a chance to do what I love, be creative...This shoot's them started with using geode as inspiration."

Geode Wedding
Geode Wedding
Geode Wedding
Geode Wedding

Unique Wedding Ideas on MyWedding.com

"Okay, first order of business: geodes are cool. They make great bookends, they make great earth science projects (hey, elementary school), and they make incredible wedding decor."

Geode Wedding
Geode Wedding

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