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Amber Healing Properties

Amber has been called "sunshine in a stone'" and like the sun,  Amber promotes deep healing and a sense of well being.  

About Amber

Amber has been used for thousands of years by many cultures to make jewelry, perfume, and medicine.  Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it is often used to help teething babies.

According to ancient Greek myth, when the son of Helios (the god of Sun) was killed, his mourning sisters turned into trees and their tears into drops of amber. The ancient name for amber was electrum, meaning "beaming sun". 

The Vikings considered amber the symbol of passionate love and fertility. In Wicca it is used as a gateway into other realms and astral travel.

Amber is actually not a crystal or mineral. It is fossilized tree resin. It is usually yellow or golden orange in color it often has inclusions of bugs and insects.

Amber healing crystal

Amber's Healing Properties 

Amber is a gentle, yet powerful cleanser and healer. Amber helps extract physical and emotional pain in a loving manner.  It restores balance and helps you to move forward.

Amber's crystal healing properties include:

  • Drawing out hurt and pain (physical and emotional)
  • Helping with depression
  • Improving short-term memory
  • Aiding with decision making
  • Strengthening feelings of self-worth
  • Promoting prosperity and success
  • Encouraging passionate love
  • Acting as a gateway to other dimensions

Amber is associated with the Solar Plexus and Throat Chakras (3rd and 5th Chakras)

Using Amber 

Wear an Amber pendant or necklace to help work through old emotional wounds. It's energy is gentle and helps restore balance so you can move forward.

Place Amber near your computer to protect against negative energy and to assist with decision making.

For astral travel, place Amber on your solar plexus (above the navel).  Imagine Amber as the doorway through which you travel to other realms.

Carry Amber as lucky charm or to help attract passionate love into your life!

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