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Ancient Congo

Ancient Crystal Practices Of The Congo


Ancient cultures have used crystals for healing and rituals since the dawn of time.   These practices cross all cultures from ancient Egypt to the Mayans.  But none are more fascinating than those recorded in the legends of the great Crystal Mountains of the Congo.

Crystals used many ways…

According to BlackHerbal, the ancient African crystal practices were about more than physical healing.  They were used to honor gods, for divination, and planetary healing.  These practices have been handed down throughout the generations and are still practiced by African descendants in America.

African tribes used crystals as store-houses of knowledge. They believed there were gigantic mountains of crystals were the collective knowledge of mankind was stored.  New knowledge adding to the old with “shining brilliance”.  Like a giant computer the crystal mountains stored information to be accessed by future generations.

The African tribes also used crystals in rituals to help bring balance and protection to the planet.

The Priests of Macumba and Cumina have preserved the tradition of how crystals were used in a fullness on the continent. They remember that their nation was situated on a great Crystal Mountain.

They say that they would go into giant crystal caves deep in the mountain – huge caverns that were walls of shiny quartz points. These caves were illuminated naturally.

In these sacred vaults of the Earth, Ba’Kongo priests would create elaborate ancestral shrines and altars to various deities. They would perform rituals that kept the planet in balance with the space-time continuum, as well as combat the forces of wickedness and corruption on the planet. BlackHerbal

The richness of the ancient practices make you wonder if we have truly tapped into the full potential of our healing crystals.  There is always so much more to explore and learn!

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