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Egypt Crystals

Ancient Egyptian Crystals

Thousands of years ago healing crystals were used by the Ancient Egyptians to aid in all aspects of their lives from birth to the afterlife.

Certain crystals were reserved for use by spiritual leaders and were believed to be closely linked to the gods.  Other crystals and stones were used as part of day to day living, enhancing fertility, promoting good fortune, and protecting against evil spirits. Crystals were worn as jewelry and carried as amulets.

Crystals carved into the shape of Scarabs, or beetles, were considered to be especially powerful. They were symbolic of the sun god Ra, representing birth and regeneration. They often had symbols inscribed on them that gave the crystal specific magical properties.

Scarab Crystals

Below are ten common healing crystals that are commonly associated with the ancient culture.

Ten Ancient Egyptian Crystals and Their Uses

  1.  Amethyst was worn by Egyptian soldiers in battle so they would not loose their courage. Amethyst scarabs were worn by the rich and royalty.
  2. Azurite was considered very sacred and only worn by priests. They used it to determine the will of the gods.
  3. Carnelian was believed to ensure the soul's passage into the next world. A carnelian amulet shaped as the Eye of Horus offers protection against evil.
  4. Emerald (beryl) was highly prized by royalty.  It was believed that emeralds were the gift of Thoth, the god of wisdom.  The legendary Emerald Tablet is said to have all the secrets of magic and alchemy.
  5. Hematite was used as a head rest in burials. It was called bloodstone and carried by soldiers to halt bleeding.
  6. Lapis lazuli was called “sapphire” by Ancient Egyptians because it was considered to be the most precious stone. It was a symbol of the heavens.  Lapis Lazuli is associated with Isis, goddess of magic and wisdom. This stone was so prized by Egyptians that it was used for the eyebrows on the funeral mask of King Tutankhamunand. In the form of scarab it promoted positive reincarnation.
  7. Malachite was used to make green paint in Ancient Egyptian artwork. Green represented life and growing things. The pharaohs often lined their headdresses lined with malachite for greater wisdom.
  8. Tiger's Eye was used as amulets to channel the power of Ra, the sun god.  Tiger’s Eye was believed to contain the power of the sun and of the earth.
  9. Topaz was considered a protective stone.  It was the stone of royalty.  Golden topaz was found only on certain islands and it was said it could only be seen at night, when they shone brilliantly.
  10. Turquoise was the stone of Hathor, the goddess of love, marriage, dance, and music. It's Egyptian name meant delight and was considered a feminine stone.

Many of the uses of crystals in Ancient Egypt have continued to this day, laying the foundation for our current knowledge of crystal healing.

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