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Red Jasper, A Stone of Empowerment

Red Jasper is stone of empowerment, encouraging you to be uniquely yourself. It is the stone of warriors, providing stamina and warding off negative energy. About Red JasperRed Jasper is a

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Carnelian a Stone of Strength and Creativity

With its warm colors Carnelian is a crystal of creative expression and self-love.  Its stimulating effect can give you that extra strength to carry on when the going gets tough. It helps not

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Crystal Quiz: Which Crystal Calls To You ? And What Does It Mean?

Crystals have been known to hold magic and wisdom within them.  A Crystal is a symbol of strength and support.  At times of uncertainty, we can turn to the advice of Mother Earth and Crystals.

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Purple Fluorite, Getting Past Mind “Chatter”

Get past the “chatter” in your mind with Purple Fluorite. The gentle energy of this beautiful crystal stills your thoughts and gives you a more balanced way of looking at life.The ability to see things

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The Healing Properties of Orange Crystals

Orange Crystals have a bright and warm energy.  When you hold an orange crystal it reminds you of the warmth of the sun, fun, and tropical images. Have you ever been out in the sun on a warm spring day

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Boost Your Self-Expression With These 3 Crystals

Blue crystals, like a cloudless sky or clear seascape, have the energy that allows you to express your inner feelings, your true thoughts.  It is the energy of creation, of art, of music, of expression. Blue

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If I Had To Choose Just One Crystal…

If I had to choose just one crystal to have in my healing crystal collection, it would be Clear Quartz.  But thank goodness I don't have to make that choice!  Clear Quartz is so versatile and

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Visit The “Geode Capital of the World”

The Keokuk Geodes are some of the world’s most beautiful geodes. A region including a 35-mile radius around Keokuk, Iowa is one of the world’s most productive and famous collector areas for

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Find Your Own Tourmaline

You can find your own healing tourmaline crystals in Maine and California. Tourmaline  is a popular healing crystal, with abilities to clear blockages and boost your energy. Tourmaline was discovered

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Ancient Egyptian Crystals

Thousands of years ago healing crystals were used by the Ancient Egyptians to aid in all aspects of their lives from birth to the afterlife.Certain crystals were reserved for use by spiritual leaders and

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