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November 14, 2015

Azurite, Connecting with your Intuition

Azurite enhances your natural intuitive and psychic powers.

When you are looking for spiritual guidance, Azurite healing properties will clear all blocks to getting the answers you seek.

About Azurite

Azurite is a sacred stone of Ancient Egypt and Greece.  It has been linked to the lost City of Atlantis.  Azurite and Azure originate from the same Persian word indicating a deep clear blue color.  Its blue color is similar to Lapis Lazuli.

Azurite is closely associated with another healing crystal, Malachite.  Malachite is typically green in color.  Both crystals are copper carbonate mineral.

Together, the individual healing properties of Azurite and Malachite are said to be magnified.   A crystal with Azurite and Malachite is a powerful healing crystal.

The intense color and healing properties of Azurite makes it a popular healing crystal.  To preserve the deep blue color of Azurite, it should not be placed in direct sunlight.

Azurite Healing Properties

Azurite is the perfect crystal for tapping your inner wisdom.  It gives you the confidence you need when making difficult decisions.

The healing properties of Azurite include:

  • Providing prophetic dreams and visions.
  • Allowing connection with one's spirit guides.
  • Helping with recall of past lives.
  • Breaking patterns of chronic worry and anxiety.
  • Breaking blocks to communication.
  • Encouraging leadership qualities.

Azurite is associated with the throat and third-eye chakras.

Using Azurite for Crystal Healing

Azurite can be used to align the physical and the spiritual with chakra healing. Azurite can be placed directly on any chakra in need of balancing or worn as a pendant to promote physical and emotional healing.

Place Azurite on the third-eye to stimulate psychic abilities.

Azurite placed in a room will ease communication problems, especially with children.

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