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Red Jasper, A Stone of Empowerment
Red Jasper is stone of empowerment, encouraging you to be uniquely yourself. It is the stone of warriors, providing stamina[...]
Carnelian a Stone of Strength and Creativity
With its warm colors Carnelian is a crystal of creative expression and self-love.  Its stimulating effect can give you that[...]
Crystal Quiz: Which Crystal Calls To You ? And What Does It Mean?
Crystals have been known to hold magic and wisdom within them.  A Crystal is a symbol of strength and support.[...]
Purple Fluorite, Getting Past Mind “Chatter”
Get past the “chatter” in your mind with Purple Fluorite. The gentle energy of this beautiful crystal stills your thoughts[...]
The Healing Properties of Orange Crystals
Orange Crystals have a bright and warm energy.  When you hold an orange crystal it reminds you of the warmth[...]
Boost Your Self-Expression With These 3 Crystals
Blue crystals, like a cloudless sky or clear seascape, have the energy that allows you to express your inner feelings,[...]
If I Had To Choose Just One Crystal…
If I had to choose just one crystal to have in my healing crystal collection, it would be Clear Quartz. [...]
Visit The “Geode Capital of the World”
The Keokuk Geodes are some of the world's most beautiful geodes. A region including a 35-mile radius around Keokuk, Iowa[...]
Find Your Own Tourmaline
You can find your own healing tourmaline crystals in Maine and California. Tourmaline  is a popular healing crystal, with abilities[...]
Ancient Egyptian Crystals
Thousands of years ago healing crystals were used by the Ancient Egyptians to aid in all aspects of their lives[...]
Tourmaline, The Stone of Many Colors
Tourmaline healing crystals are used to cleanse and purify.  The healing properties of Tourmaline transform dense, heavy energy into higher[...]
7 Amazing Crystals to Help Lift Your Spirits
Crystals are a great way to help when you are feeling down or depressed. We all experience it sometimes, feelings[...]
6 Crystals That Will Attract Love In Your Life
What could say love more than candlelight, flowers, and beautiful love crystals?Below are 6 crystals sure to attract new love[...]
A Geode Wedding
The Geode WeddingThere is something magical about crystals and weddings.  Together they make the ultimate match!From geode cakes to  geode[...]
Find Your Own Garnets
Star Garnet is the State Gemstone of Idaho.Idaho is one of the only two places in the world that you[...]
Garnet, The Kundalini Stone
Garnet healing properties help to energize and rejuvenate the body. Garnet has been called a "kundalini stone" because of its[...]
Is There a Right Way to Use Healing Crystals?
​I was in a forum recently where someone made this post:  "I'm afraid to use healing crystals!"   They went[...]
20 Ways to Use Your Healing Crystals
The list below has 20 different ways that you can use healing crystals.  These are real examples, based on my[...]