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Bornite, Peacock Ore, The Stone Of Happiness

Bornite, also known as Peacock Ore, is called "the stone of happiness."  The healing properties of Bornite carry the message that life is truly joyful.

About Bornite and Peacock Ore

Bornite is an important ore of copper.  In the ground, it is bronze in color, but the metallic luster tarnishes rapidly to purple after a freshly broken surface is exposed to air.  This colorful tarnish is what caused miner's to coin the term "peacock ore."

Bornite is closely related to Chalcopyrite, another copper sulfide mineral, that is also sometimes  called peacock ore.  Bornite and Chalcopyrite can both be treated to artificially enhance the iridescent tarnish. Though the composition of these minerals are similar, they having different healing properties.

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Bornite Healing Properties

Peacock Ore is a stone of happiness and joy.  It helps you appreciate the joy available in every moment.  It guides you in positive directions, and helps you share this happiness with others. It lets you know that all is just as it should be.

Crystal Healing Properties of Bornite include:

  • Protecting from negativity and removing blocks to reaching goals.
  • Releasing old patterns of thought and emotion, which are no longer useful.
  • Activating one's inner spirit for greater spiritual growth.
  • Helping one to accept things as they are, in the moment.
  • Balancing and harmonizing the chakras.

Bornite is considered a powerful healing stone, because of its ability to align every chakra.  Even when placed on one chakra, it is said to effect the other six.

If you are having a bad day or have lost the feeling of joy in your life, try wearing or carrying this stone around with you for a while!