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Breathtaking Views Of A Crystal Cave

The ice caves in the Icelandic glaciers are a truly mesmerizing wonder of nature.  They also create a showcase of beautiful ice crystals.

Ice crystals hold a special magic of their own!

According to, ice crystals when formed naturally, are actually a mineral.  Just like pyrite, calcite, or quartz, ice crystals have all the properties that define a mineral.  They are just not very stable.  As we all know, ice melts at temperatures warmer than 32 degrees fahrenheit!

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Ice crystals can be extraordinarily beautiful!

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Ice caves are temporary structures that appear at the edge of glaciers.  They have a serene and mystical appearance from the inside.

They are safe to enter only in winter when the cold temperatures harden the ice. Even so one could hear constant cracking sounds inside the cave. It was not because it was going to collapse but because the cave was moving along with the glacier itself. Each time the glacier moved a millimeter loud sounds could be heard. amazingplanet

Crystalapse gives you a breathtaking journey through Iceland.  Enjoy the glacial ice caves, the northern lights, and beautiful scenery in this time lapse short video.

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