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November 4, 2017

Carnelian a Stone of Strength and Creativity


With its warm colors Carnelian is a crystal of creative expression and self-love.  Its stimulating effect can give you that extra strength to carry on when the going gets tough. 

It helps not only to promote self-love, but romantic love as well.  It kindles the romantic fires helping you to connect more deeply with your partner.

About Carnelian

Carnelian is a type of quartz.  It is usually characterized by its distinct red-orange to brownish-red color.  It gets its color from iron impurities within the stone.  Sometimes it is confused with red jasper, but jasper is opaque (you can’t see through it), whereas carnelian has some degree of translucency (you can see through it) when held to the light.  

Carnelian has been used for thousands of years as a talisman in many different cultures. 

This dynamic crystal played significant roles in ancient Greek and Roman cultures.  It was believed to be one of the twelve gemstones worn in the breast plate of the high priests. It was commonly used for the making of insignia rings and seals.

It’s said that Mohammed wore a carnelian ring on the little finger of his right hand, making it a sacred gemstone for many Muslims.  Carnelian they believed would protect against the ill-will and jealousy of others. 

In the Middle Ages Carnelian was given to shy people to give them extra courage.  It was also used to promote peace and harmony by placing everyone on equal footing with each other.

Carnelian Healing Properties

Carnelian a stone of action with a stimulating and energizing effect, while promoting feelings of self-love and harmony with others.     

Crystal Healing Properties of Carnelian Include:

  • ​Promoting feelings of self-love and confidence
  • ​Protecting and nurturing during difficult times
  • ​Strengthening and enhancing your vitality
  • ​Stimulating creative ideas and new ways of looking at a situation 
  • ​Heightening feelings of sensuality and enhancing romantic relationships
  • ​Increasing your energy, allowing you to live fully in the moment
  • ​Feeling grounded and connected to Mother Earth

Carnelian is associated with the first and second chakras. These chakras energies help enhance the feelings of being grounded, centered, energized, and creative as well as increasing feelings of romance.

Ways to Use Carnelian

Use Carnelian when you need to have the little extra boost of motivation. Here are some of my favorite ways:

Carry Carnelian when you are feeling run down and creatively blocked. 

Hold or carry Carnelian when you are feeling like you are coming down with a cold or flu.

To enhance your romantic relationship decorate with candles and Carnelian crystals!

Wear a Carnelian necklace when you need extra courage to express yourself.

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