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Amazing Orange Topaz of Utah

Orange topaz is the state gemstone of Utah.  Because of it’s sunny color and friendly energy, it has earned the nickname the “friendship stone.” Orange topaz crystals can be found

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109 Types of Healing Quartz

Did you know that there are over 100 different types of healing quartz?! Quartz is found in a huge range of varieties and colors and has many different names.  The healing properties of these crystals

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Pegmatite, A Crystal Lover’s Paradise

Pegma what? You may never have heard of pegmatite….or maybe you have heard the term, and are not quite sure what it means. But when it comes to healing crystals, pegmatites play an important role. 

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Difference Between Rock, Mineral, Crystal, And Gem

Rock, Mineral, Crystal, Gem.  What’s the difference? The following is a simple illustrated guide, using calcite as an example, to help you understand! Mineral A mineral is one of the basic building

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Irradiated Crystals: What You Should Know

A lot of the beautiful colors and shapes that we enjoy in our crystals are not natural. Whether by heating, irradiation, chemical reactions, coatings, dyeing, or synthetic reproduction, many crystals are

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Your Guide To Rock, Mineral, Crystal

Rock, Mineral, Crystal, stone, Gem. Confused? You are not alone.The following is a simple illustrated guide, to help you understand the difference! MINERAL Milky Quartz (SiO2) A mineral is one of

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