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Crystal Quiz: Which Crystal Calls To You ? And What Does It Mean?

Crystals have been known to hold magic and wisdom within them.  A Crystal is a symbol of strength and support.  At times of uncertainty, we can turn to the advice of Mother Earth and Crystals.

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A Geode Wedding

The Geode WeddingThere is something magical about crystals and weddings.  Together they make the ultimate match!From geode cakes to  geode covered center pieces to geode rings, the latest trend

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Giant Healing Quartz Crystals

Clear Quartz is called the “Master Healing Crystal.” Clear healing quartz crystals are versatile crystal and can be used for any type of healing.  They enhance the healing properties of other

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Amazing Orange Topaz of Utah

Orange topaz is the state gemstone of Utah.  Because of it’s sunny color and friendly energy, it has earned the nickname the “friendship stone.” Orange topaz crystals can be found

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10 Amazing and Unique Crystal Skulls

We often think of skulls as something scary or evil.  But in many societies skulls are believed to provide protection, wisdom, and higher consciousness. Crystals skulls are believed to be powerful talismans

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Giant Quartz Crystals From Georgia

Have you ever wondered where quartz crystals come from? The crystal in the picture above, comes from a small quartz mine in Georgia. Crystals from this mine are known for their powerful healing abilities. The

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Trust Your Crystal Intuition

Trust your crystal intuition to pick the perfect message for you!   Look at the 6 healing crystals below.  Pick one that draws your attention. Then read below to learn the healing properties and

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Make Your Own Geode Crystals

Geode Crystals make a lovely addition to your crystal collection, especially when you get to make your own! Making your own Geode Crystals is simple and fun.  It only requires a few ingredients, that

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Give Up Being Perfect

“Give up being perfect for being authentic.  Be who you are.  Love who you are.  Others will too.” Hal Elrod, Miracle Morning

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$2.31 Million Dollar Crystal Clock

Sotheby’s sold ‘The Magpie’s Treasure Nest Clock’ by Patek Philippe, for $2.31 million.  The collection of minerals found on this clock, is quite impressive! With extensive work

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