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The Healing Properties of Orange Crystals

Orange Crystals have a bright and warm energy.  When you hold an orange crystal it reminds you of the warmth of the sun, fun, and tropical images. Have you ever been out in the sun on a warm spring day

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Boost Your Self-Expression With These 3 Crystals

Blue crystals, like a cloudless sky or clear seascape, have the energy that allows you to express your inner feelings, your true thoughts.  It is the energy of creation, of art, of music, of expression. Blue

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If I Had To Choose Just One Crystal…

If I had to choose just one crystal to have in my healing crystal collection, it would be Clear Quartz.  But thank goodness I don't have to make that choice!  Clear Quartz is so versatile and

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7 Amazing Crystals to Help Lift Your Spirits

Crystals are a great way to help when you are feeling down or depressed. We all experience it sometimes, feelings of mild (or not-so-mild) melancholy and depression. While it is always important to get

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6 Crystals That Will Attract Love In Your Life

What could say love more than candlelight, flowers, and beautiful love crystals?Below are 6 crystals sure to attract new love or ignite the passion in your relationship!Rose Quartz Rose Quartz is the

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Is There a Right Way to Use Healing Crystals?

​I was in a forum recently where someone made this post:  "I'm afraid to use healing crystals!"   They went on to explain that they had been warned of the various dangers of using crystals

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20 Ways to Use Your Healing Crystals

The list below has 20 different ways that you can use healing crystals.  These are real examples, based on my experiences and experiences that other people have shared with me.This list is meant to

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Three Easy Ways To Balance Your Root Chakra Using Crystals

Your root chakra is the center of your vitality and overall well-being. If you are feeling tired and worn out or just need to get more grounded, take a moment to balance your root chakra. Want to learn

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Crystal Healing Properties — How do they come up with this stuff?

Have you ever looked at the healing properties for a crystal and asked –  “How do they come up with this stuff?” When you look on-line or in a crystal reference book, you can find out

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Celebrating The Autumn Equinox With Crystals

Crystals are a natural way to celebrate the autumn equinox. Summer is winding down, and it is time for harvest and preparing for the winter months ahead.  It is the time of the Autumn Equinox and the

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