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Celestite A Stone of Divine Energy

Celestite is a stone of "Divine Energy."

Celestite promotes feelings of peace and harmony.  It provides divine assistance in stressful situations, guiding you with just the right words to say to ease the tension.

About Celestite


Celestite is a delicate crystal. It has a hardness of 3-3.5 and can be easily scratched or broken. It has a light blue color, which often tints an otherwise white crystal. Celestite will tend to fade if left in the sun.

True Celestite, sometimes called Celestine, is strontium sulfate. The blue color comes from trace amount of gold found in the crystal.

Sometimes blue quartz or quartz agate is sold as Celestite. You can tell the difference based on hardness (quartz has a hardness of 7).

The World's Largest Geode is a 35-foot long Celestite geode in Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

Celestite Healing Properties

When you are looking for divine connection and assistance, Celestite is a perfect crystal to use.

The healing properties include:Increasing clairvoyant abilities and dream recall

  • Connecting to the angelic realms
  • Promoting peace and harmony
  • Calming difficult situations
  • Easing stage fright and loss of voice (due to anxiety)
  • Transforming negative thought patterns

Celestite is associated with the Throat Chakra (5th Chakra).

How to Use Celestite

Celestite is useful for situations when you feel like you are not being heard or are afraid to speak your truth. Place a piece of Celestite on your throat and picture all the nervous energy being absorbed and transformed by the crystal!

Put Celestite in a room to ease tense situations and promote harmony. This is especially useful during times of arguments or negotiations.

Celestite healing properties, make it well suited for use during meditation or when connecting to the spiritual realms.

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