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Crystal Healing Bowls – History And Predictions

 Crystal healing bowls blend the best of ancient practices and modern technology.

The effects of playing the crystal bowls can be deeply relaxing and rejuvenating. The tones transport you into deep meditative states and even shamanic journeys into other dimensional states.

Practitioners who use crystal bowls guide others into states of clarity and balancing.

The tones of Crystal Healing bowls are perfect for cleansing crystals.  The vibrations of the crystal bowl resonate with that of the crystal, removing dirty and congested energy.

Predictions of healing tones

The use of  tones for healing was predicted by psychic Edgar Cayce and others.

The psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that the medicine of the future would be sound….Nostradamus also foretold the healing of cancer though pure tones. The Hopi American Indian prophecy tells of the “coming of the rainbow people” through the keepers of the crystal bowls.Crystal Bowls

Crystal healing bowls are similar to Tibetan bowls, but their origin is more recent.

Crystal healing bowls are a relatively new invention.  They were created from the same technology that gave us the silicon chips used for computers.

Researchers discovered the amazing sounds of pure silicon in the materials they discarded while making silicon chips and realized they could use this material to create crystal bowls.

Since their creation, crystal bowls have been a blend of new and ancient technologies.  The traditions associated with Tibetan bowls have been applied in a new in and unique way to crystal bowls.  These bowls have gained popularity world-wide and can be found in many healing rooms.

Amazing to think that such beauty and clarity could be recovered from the trash bins of Silicon Valley!

Listen to crystal bowls: Sounds of Crystal Bowls

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