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Don’t Miss A “Once In A Blue Moon” Opportunity!

July 31, 2015 provides a rare opportunity to super-charge your crystals!  A “Once In A Blue Moon” opportunity!

In general, there is only one full moon in each month.  When there are two full moons in a month, the second full moon is called a “blue moon”.  The last full moon happened on July 2, making the July 31st full moon a “blue moon.”  The last time there was two full moons in one month was on Aug. 31, 2012.

Many believe that the blue moon is particularly powerful:

A blue moon only occurs approximately every 2.7 years and its energy is 12 times more powerful than a regular full moon. It is a rare phenomenon that should not be missed.

This is a once in a blue moon opportunity with maximum energetic effect that has the capacity to heighten the powerful outcome of anything we ask of it, if our intentions for the outcome are right. EJournal

Take advantage of this energy to clear and recharge your crystals!  Use the power of the Blue Moon to clear unwanted energies from the crystal and charge them with the clear, high vibration energy of the moon.

Charging your crystals under the Blue Moon will ramp up their healing abilities.  Whatever, the crystals natural abilities will be magnified.  So, pick the crystals with properties you want to have super-charged!

On the night of July 31st, place your crystals on your windowsill or outside in the moonlight.  They simple need a safe place where the moonlight can reach them.

In the morning you will have your Blue Moon Charged Crystals!