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Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst – The Seeker’s Stone

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal with powerful healing abilities. Amethyst healing properties are all about love, healing, and spiritual connections.

It is called the SEEKER'S STONE because of its ability to help you make divine connections.

Amethyst aids you with your spiritual development, bringing a sense of peace and serenity.

About Amethyst

Amethyst is purple quartz.  It has been used throughout the centuries by royalty and spiritual leaders.  It has been called the Bishop Stone, it is still worn as a ring by Catholic priests.

Amethyst healing properties

Because of it's spiritual power, Buddhist prayer beads are sometimes made from amethyst.

Worn by Saint Valentine, it is considered the crystal of faithful lovers.

The word Amethyst comes from a Greek legend about a beautiful maiden called Amethysta.  It's a fun story involving tiger's, gods and wine... to read more: How Amethyst Got Its Color.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst is a versatile crystal. When you focus on it's ultimate purpose, your spiritual development, you can see how the properties are all connected.

Amethyst helps to increase your intuition.  It has a gentle energy that helps heal old emotional wounds and to attract new love into your life.  It also protects you against other people's negative energy.

The healing properties of Amethyst include:

  • Attracting love into your life
  • Healing old emotional wounds
  • Helping ease the scars of addictions
  • Protecting against psychic attack
  • Developing intuition and divine connections
  • Promoting solitude and inner communication
  • Providing clarity regarding life purpose
  • Spiritual development

Amethyst is associated with the third eye and crown chakras.

Using Amethyst For Crystal Healing

  • Wear an amethyst ring or pendant to help cleanse feelings of anxiety, depression, or worry from your energetic field. It can also help protect you against other people's "negative vibes".
  • Amethyst enhances psychic powers of all kinds. Place Amethyst under your pillow at night to enhance psychic dreams.
  • Amethyst pendulums can also be used for spiritual divination and getting answers to yes-no questions.  (See:  Using Crystal Pendulums For Yes-No Questions)
  • Wear an Amethyst pendant to help attract love and promote a loving relationships.

Amethyst healing crystals are beautiful, inexpensive, and powerful. A great combination!