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Visit The “Geode Capital of the World”

The Keokuk Geodes are some of the world’s most beautiful geodes.

A region including a 35-mile radius around Keokuk, Iowa is one of the world’s most productive and famous collector areas for geodes (earning it the nickname “the Geode Capital of the World”).  This region includes portions of the states of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois.  Once a year this area is opened up allowing you a chance to find your own famous Keokuk Geode.

The Annual Geode Festival

12th annual Geode Fest
*September 22-23-24, 2017*
Chaney Creek Boat Access HWY 96 North, Hamilton, IL

Once a year in September, a region of the Tri-State area of Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa is opened up for the annual Geode Fest.  This annual event offers guided geode hunts and a rock show.

There are two guided tours on Friday and Saturday and one on Sunday.  This is a rare opportunity to look for Geodes at sites that are normally closed to the public.

The festival includes contests and awards for both children and adults.


About Keokuk Geodes

Most Keokuk geodes are roughly spherical and range between 2 to 6-inches in diameter.  However, some geodes up to 30-inches have been found!

Quartz is the most common mineral found with many geodes containing beautiful transparent quartz crystals.  The outside of the geode is lined with layers of fine-grained quartz known as chalcedony.  Chalcedony layers are found in a variety of colors, including white, gray, blue, yellow and orange. Calcite is another common mineral found in many geodes. An additional 17 more rare minerals have also been identified in “Keokuk geodes.”

For more information go to the Geodefest Homepage
Feature Photo by Cindy Cottrell.  To see more photos check out National Geographic.

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