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Find your own Tourmaline

Find Your Own Tourmaline

You can find your own healing tourmaline crystals in Maine and California.

Tourmaline  is a popular healing crystal, with abilities to clear blockages and boost your energy.

Tourmaline was discovered in Maine.

The first commercial gemstone mine in the United States was discovered near the town of Paris, Maine in October of 1821.  Elijah Hamlin and Ezekiel Holmes, were hiking when they spotted a green reflection in the soil.  They picked up a large green transparent crystal, which was later identified as Tourmaline.

Later in that year a pocket of gem-quality green and red tourmaline crystals were discovered in a nearby rock ledge. Some of the crystals were over two inches in length.  This site soon became the spot of the first gemstone mines in the United States.

Mt Mica MaineMt. Mica Mine is one of the few operational tourmaline mines in  Maine.  It is presently owned and operated by Gary Freeman. Located in Paris, Maine, Mt. Mica is famous the world over for it’s gem tourmaline.

“Minerals observed at this locale include tourmaline (green, pink, blue, watermelon), biotite, garnet, beryl (aquamarine, morganite, green, white) eosphorite, cassiterite, cookeite, flourapatite, hydroxylapatite, hydroxyl-herderite, columbite, microcline, montmorillonite, muscovite, pollucite, quartz (milky, smokey, rose xls.), rhodochrosite, siderite, schorl (tourmaline), spodumene and many others.”

You can arrange a visit to find your own healing crystals at Mica Mt with the Dig Maine Gems.

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California is also rich with Tourmaline Deposits.

Find Your Own TourmalineMines open to the public include:

“The Himalaya Mine is near Lake Henshaw in San Diego County. The mine is open to the public, and for a minimal fee, you will be provided all the equipment needed for a day of gem hunting.”

“The Oceanview Mine is located in Pala, California, and is also open to the public. In addition to renting out gem hunting equipment, gem hunters can also see actual gems being mined.”

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