August 31, 2015

Galena Healing Properties

Galena is called the "Stone of Harmony."

In Greek, the word galena means calm. Call upon Galena healing properties to bring a sense of calmness, harmony, and balance into your life!

About Galena

Galena is the main ore of lead, and has been used as a source of lead since ancient times.  It is characterized by it's shiny metallic luster and cube shaped crystals.

galena healing properties
In ancient Egyptians used Galena eye paint (Kohl ) to darken around their eyes.

Early radios used Galena. The Galena crystal was used as part of a system called "cat's whisker." (Read Crystal Unlock the Sound of Music)

Galena Healing Properties

The healing properties of Galena include:

  • Harmonizing the physical with the spiritual.
  • Promoting tolerance and peace.
  • Providing prospective during difficult times.
  • Decreasing self-limiting events.
  • Aiding with spiritual journey and transformation.
  • Anchoring and centering.

Galena has grounding energies and is related primarily to the root chakra.

Using Galena

galena healing properties

Galena is often most often used as a calming and centering crystal. Place a Galena crystal on display in a room to promote harmony.

Use Galena when you feel uncertain or are doubting yourself.  Galena will help you reconnect to your spiritual wisdom and give you perspective when making a difficult decision.‚Äč


The presence of lead should not scare you away from getting Galena crystals.  However, care should be used not to eat or breath dust from the crystal for long periods of time.

While bound to crystal structure, the lead content of galena is of minor concern and the mineral is safe to handle. However, prolonged exposure via inhalation or ingestion of the pulverized dust is hazardous to one's health.  Wikepedia

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