January 27, 2016

Garnet, The Kundalini Stone

Garnet healing properties help to energize and rejuvenate the body. 

Garnet has been called a "kundalini stone" because of its power to raise kundalini energy.  Kundalini is the primal energy said to reside at the base of our spine. 

When the Kundalini energy is activated in a controlled fashion it promotes deep healing and spiritual enlightenment.

About Garnet

Garnet is a group of silicate minerals used for gemstones and for abrasives.    

Types of garnets include Pyrope (also known as Rhodolite), Almandine, Spessartine, Grossular (also known as Cinnamon Stone and Hessonite), Uvarovite, and Andradite.

Nine Gemstones

In Vedic Astrology Hessonite is considered one of the 9 Sacred Gemstones.  It is associated with the solar eclipse (Rahu) and  represents our base instincts and survival skills.  It also delivers karma, good or bad based on past actions.

According to myths Garnet illuminated Noah's Ark day and night when the skies were dark.  In Eastern Europe garnet was believe to protect against vampires. 

Garnet Healing Properties

Garnet Healing Properties Include:

  • Reawakening your survival instincts.
  • Energizing the body when you are feeling run down.
  • Relieving feelings of fear and doubt.
  • Protection against theft.
  • Promoting self-confidence.
  • Improving circulation, warming cold finger and toes.
  • Helping you get past negative self-talk.
  • Aiding in past life recall.
  • Forming strong bonds and commitments.

Garnet is associated with the first or root chakra.

Garnet Healing Properties

The "Star of Idaho" - reported to be 3322 carats and the world's largest six-rayed star garnet. Star garnet is only found in Idaho (USA) and in India. (Gemstoneslist.com)

Using Garnet For Crystal Healing

For greater energy, wear in garnet in contact with the skin as a pendant, ring, or earring.  

Place a garnet crystal on the third eye for dream recall.

Wear garnet for protection when you are in a crowded place or in areas where you don't feel safe.​

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