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Quartz Crystal

Giant Quartz Crystals From Georgia

Have you ever wondered where quartz crystals come from?

The crystal in the picture above, comes from a small quartz mine in Georgia. Crystals from this mine are known for their powerful healing abilities.

The crystals have a rare type of growth, found in only a few locations in the world.  The unusual white color comes out after the crystals are cleaned with hydrochloric acid.

These crystals also have a reflecting shimmer that adds to their beauty.

Quartz Crystal 2

The vein that the crystals come from is similar to deposits found in the Swiss Alps.

The video below, shows the crystals as they are being removed from the ground. It is amazing to see the crystals as they occur naturally!

Have you ever been interested in looking for your own quartz crystals?   If you live in South East United States, check out the Diamond Hill Mine in South Carolina: Diamond Hill Mine

As you watch the video below, pay attention around 23 seconds.   A  fairy shows up!! 🙂


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