Healing Properties of Pegmatite
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Pegmatite, A Crystal Lover’s Paradise

Pegma what?

You may never have heard of pegmatite….or maybe you have heard the term, and are not quite sure what it means.

But when it comes to healing crystals, pegmatites play an important role.  One worth understanding.

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What is a Pegmatite?

Pegmatites are a type of rock composed almost entirely of large crystals.  Not just one type of crystals, but many crystals all in the same rock.

How did they form?

Millions of years ago, molten rock or magma formed deep with in the Earth.  As it pushed towards the surface of the Earth it began to cool. The last of the magma to cool was rich in minerals and rare elements.

This mineral rich magma, penetrated fractures in the surrounding rock,  slowly cooling forming gigantic crystals.

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What are the healing properties of crystals that come from pegmatite?

Pegmatite crystals form under conditions that allow the crystals to fully develop into their ideal forms and shapes.  The properties of the pegmatite, will be that of the crystals in the pegmatite.

  • Because of how they formed, the healing properties of crystals from a pegmatite are at their optimum level.

Pegmatite crystals also have absorbed the energy of the crystals around them.  Remember these crystals have been together for million of years!

  • Not only will these crystals show their own unique healing power, but they have imprinted on them the power of the other crystals.

How do you know if you have a crystal from a pegmatite?

Many types of crystals are formed in a pegmatite.  They are a source of beryl, tourmaline, topaz, aquamarine, and many other gemstones.

When you buy a crystal, you can check with the supplier or online to see if these crystals originated as part of a pegmatite.

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