Healing Properties of Pegmatite
Your Crystal Journey
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Pegmatite, A Crystal Lover’s Paradise

How do you find your own pegmatite?

Pegmatites are a perfect place to find your own crystals.  Pegmatites are abundant throughout the United States as well as other places in the world.


Crystal hunters at a pegmatite

You may not always find large crystal specimens, but you can easily get pegmatite rock, rich with smaller crystals.

For pegmatite areas in the U.S. check out:  USGS

A pegmatite, is a crystal lover’s paradise!  Check out these photos:

Pegmatite TourmalineTourmaline irocks

pegmatite with albitePink Apatite with Albite irocks

Pegmatite4University British Columbia

pegmatite1Tantalite:  irocks

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