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Himalayan Salt Caves Gaining Popularity

For a quiet peaceful place for yoga and meditation, Himalayan Salt Cave Rooms can’t be beat. The health benefits of salt caves have been documented for over 175 years.

Rooms made from Himalayan Salt Crystals are showing up throughout the United States. These rooms are popular for classes in yoga and meditation because of their peaceful and relaxing feel.  Salt caves are also known to be beneficial to the health, especially for the respiratory system.  European doctors have been sending patients to salt mines since the 1800s.

In 1843 a Polish doctor was the first to document the health benefits of the micro-climate of natural salt mines for people with respiratory complaints. After realizing that salt mine workers had very healthy lungs and hardly ever became sick with respiratory illnesses, he began to send his patients in salt mines for a prolonged stay to breathe this beneficial micro-climate. Eventually, curative centers were built in some of Europe’s salt mines and are still being utilized today.   AshevilleSaltSpa

Since there are no natural salt mines here in the United States that are being used for therapeutic purposes, spas are starting to create their own Himalayan Salt Cave Rooms.   If you are interested in experiencing this for yourself, check on-line for a Himalayan Salt Cave Room near you!

For information on naturally occurring salt mines, you might enjoy this video of the Khewra Salt Mine.