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How to Use Crystals

Is There a Right Way to Use Healing Crystals?

​I was in a forum recently where someone made this post:  "I'm afraid to use healing crystals!"   They went on to explain that they had been warned of the various dangers of using crystals the wrong way...creating bad or harmful energy.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced healer you may get overwhelmed and even afraid by the often conflicting advice on how to use healing crystals.

But you shouldn't worry...

When it comes to working crystals, each of us has a natural wisdom, which should be honored. 

This was made very clear to me by two very well respected eastern healing masters.

The story of two different healing masters...

One of these healing masters studied in India and used a healing approach based on chakras.  Red has a very strong "root chakra" energy.  Because of this he warned that red crystals should not be used on the heart.  If someone has high blood pressure he explained it could be harmful.

The second healing master was from China and used a healing system based on the 5- elements.  In this system the heart is associated with the Fire element and the color red.  In his words the "heart loves the red energy."

Two masters.  One who says NOT to use red energy and crystals on the heart and the other that says that the heart LOVES the red energy.

Neither of these approaches is right or wrong.  They are just different types of healing modalities.

There are many right ways to use healing crystals...

​My message in all of this is don't get overwhelmed by all the different opinions.  Understand what your intent is when using your healing crystals.  Trust your intuition and consistent with your beliefs ask for guidance.

Most of all have fun.  When healing is done with joy and from the heart ​it is always effective!

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