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Star Garnet

Find Your Own Garnets

Star Garnet is the State Gemstone of Idaho.

Idaho is one of the only two places in the world that you can find star garnets.  The other place is India. 

The "star" in Star Garnets is formed by small inclusions of rutile crystals.  The star garnet is valued for its healing abilities.

Looking for star garnets is a fun way to spend a family vacation.  That is if you don't mind getting dirty!

Emerald Creek Garnet Area

If you would like to go to your own Garnets go to the Emerald Creek Garnet Area in Clarkia, Idaho (the panhandle of Idaho.) 

​To reach the garnet collecting site, follow Highway 3 south to Road 447 from St. Maries, Idaho. Continue southwest on Road 447 to the parking area. Permits are available at the sluice area which is half a mile walk up the 281 Gulch.

​How to find your own garnets at Emerald Creek:
  • Permits at Emerald Creek are good for one day and up to 5 pounds of garnet.
  • Prepare to get muddy, so dress accordingly.  Bring clean clothes to change into.
  • Bring your own food and water as well as ziploc baggies for your finds.
  • The site provides a shovel and a bucket for you to dig for garnets. 
  • Once you fill your bucket, you go to the sifting station to separate the silt out, leaving you with garnet-bearing gravel. 
  • You then go the sluice, wash the dirt off the gravel to find your beautiful garnets!
For More Information:
Star Garnet

The "Star of Idaho" - reported to be 3322 carats and the world's largest six-rayed star garnet. Star garnet is only found in Idaho (USA) and in India.  (

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