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Make Your Own Geode

Make Your Own Geode Crystals

Geode Crystals make a lovely addition to your crystal collection, especially when you get to make your own!

Making your own Geode Crystals is simple and fun.  It only requires a few ingredients, that can easily be bought on-line (see Amazon links at the end of this article) or at a craft store.

Here is a simple crystal that I made with friends. I plan on adding color to the next batch!

Make Your Own Geode

Overview of how to make your own Geode Crystals

  • Form the geode shell using polymer clay.
  • Place the geode shell in an oven to harden (instructions on the clay box).
  • After the shell is hard, coat the inside with glue.
  • Dust Alum powder over the glue.
  • Place the coated geode into a mixture of Alum and water (one cup hot water to 1/2 cup Alum)  for several hours. Add food coloring if you want.
  • When the crystals are the size you want, take it out to dry.

That’s it!

The following video, walks you through the process step-by-step.

Have fun!

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