Moonstone Healing Properties: A Stone of Love and Intuition
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Healing Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone Healing Properties: A Stone of Love and Intuition

The healing properties of Moonstone include the power of love, intuition, and new beginnings.

About Moonstone

Moonstone isMoonstone a type of feldspar characterized by its ability to reflect a bluish sheen in certain directions. The Romans believed that this shimmer was frozen moonlight.

Just like the moon, Moonstone is said to have a yin or feminine energy.  In many cultures Moonstone is worn to attract a lover. In India, lovers spoke their vows over matching Moonstones.


Moonstone healing properties include:

  • promoting calmness
  • attracting love
  • heightening intuition
  • balancing male and female energies
  • encouraging lucid dreaming
  • providing protection during travel, especially at night time
  • emotional healing

Moonstone is associated with the sacral and crown chakras.

Using Moonstone

Just like the moon, our life goes through cycles.  Moonstone provides comfort during times of changes and gives promise to new beginnings.  Wear a Moonstone ring or pendant, when you need comfort or protection during times of change.

Another good time to wear Moonstone is when you are looking for a new love relationship.  Moonstone healing properties of attracting love and heightening intuition, helps you know if someone is “right for you.”

When you are looking for guidance, place a place a piece of moonstone on your brow (or third eye) before you sleep.  The answer will appear in a dream.

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