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April 17, 2017

Purple Fluorite, Getting Past Mind “Chatter”

Get past the “chatter” in your mind with Purple Fluorite. The gentle energy of this beautiful crystal stills your thoughts and gives you a more balanced way of looking at life.

The ability to see things clearly makes Purple Fluorite a powerful crystal for identifying and manifesting what it is you most want in your life.  The spiritual aspect of this crystal helps YOU see what is for the higher good in a situation.

About Fluorite

Fluorite (also called fluorspar) gets its name from its ability to flow when heated.  It comes in a range of colors from purple, blue, green, yellow, or clear. Less common are pink, red, white, brown, and black.

Color zoning or banding is commonly present in Fluorite crystals.  You may not notice the banding at first but it becomes more pronounced when you hold the crystal up to the light. Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride.  It forms cubes and octahedral shaped crystals.

A Purple Fluorite crystal can look very much like Amethyst.  As a matter of fact, the Greeks and Romans consider Purple Fluorite a softer type of Amethyst, with similar types of healing properties.

Fluorite is used since ancient times for carvings and engravings.  The Egyptians carved images of Scarabs in Fluorite as a symbol of creation, growth, and manifestation.

Purple Fluorite Healing Properties

Purple Fluorite brings a more balanced view of life and improved decision-making.  It has a high vibration that promotes spiritual growth and helping us to manifest what is for the higher good.

Healing properties of Purple Fluorite include:

  • Clearing brain fog and helping you to see the truth of things
  • Enhancing your wisdom and inner knowing
  • Increasing your healing abilities
  • Promoting inspired writing and speaking
  • Protecting you, especially on a psychic level
  • Cleansing and purifying your whole aura
  • Heightening spiritual awareness, linking the mind to the spiritual
  • Dissolving fixed patterns of behavior

Purple Fluorite is associated with the higher Ajna and Crown Chakras (6th and 7th Chakras).

Using Purple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite is a good choice to use while you meditate.  It will help you to still your mind and give clarity and insight.

For inspiration, try placing a Purple Fluorite crystal near you while you write.

Carry Purple Fluorite to relieve worry and anxiety. It can also help overcome disorganization.

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