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April 13, 2020

Red Jasper, A Stone of Empowerment

Red Jasper is stone of empowerment, encouraging you to be uniquely yourself. It is the stone of warriors, providing stamina and warding off negative energy. 

About Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a form of microcrystalline quartz. Light does not pass through Jasper which helps distinguish it from the more translucent Red Carnelian.

Red Jasper often contains small amounts of impurities or foreign materials that makes each crystal unique. It can be said that it is these imperfections that makes Jasper so beautiful. 

Red Jasper can be found associated with petrified wood.  Native Americans referred to Red Jasper as the “blood of the earth” and considered it a sacred stone. 

Red Jasper was often used to make seals and amulets.  It is said that Mark Antony had a Red Jasper seal ring which he used to seal his letters to Cleopatra. 

Red Jasper Meaning

Red Jasper Healing Properties

Red Jasper helps us to understand how we fit into the world we live in. While we might try to “fit in” and live up to others ideas for us, Red Jasper helps us remember that in the end it is our differences that make us unique.

Crystal Healing Properties of Red Jasper Include:

  • Grounding, stability and emotional balance.
  • Awakening the kundalini energy, the energy located at the root of the spine
  • Increasing your energy and spiritual connection
  • Grounding and balancing energy
  • Protecting you from negative energy
  • Building will power and determination
  • Identifying your unique role in life
  • Transforming ideas into action

Red Jasper is associated with the 1st Chakra.

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Ways to Use Red Jasper

Wear Red Jasper jewelry to become more centered and balanced. It will also help you feel more energized and alert.

Hold or carry Red Jasper to soothe upset feelings and to help you face life’s challenges.

To enhance your ability to recall your dreams, keep one of these red stones under your pillow at night.

Use this crystal to help support your physical body when you're ill or exhausted.

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