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The Seeker’s Stone

The Seeker’s Stone.

Amethyst has been used since ancient times for spiritual development and clarity, earning it the name “The Seeker’s Stone.”

You can use Amethyst Healing Crystals by:
  • Wearing an amethyst ring or pendant to help cleanse feelings of anxiety, depression, or worry from your energetic field.  It can also help protect you against other people’s “negative vibes”.
  • Placing Amethyst under your pillow at night to enhance psychic dreams.  Amethyst enhances psychic powers of all kinds. 
  • Using an Amethyst pendulums for spiritual divination and getting answers to yes-no questions.

 Ask the pendulum to show you the response for yes, no, and maybe. My direction for yes is vertical, no is horizontal, maybe is a circle to the right.  Once you know how your pendulum responds, ask your question. Then clear your mind and be open to the answer!

For more information on pendulums check out:  5 Tips For Using Crystal Pendulums For Yes-No Questions.

Enjoy Pureenergy’s relaxing video to learn more about the healing properties of amethyst.

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