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Black Opal

Black Opal of Australia, Mother of All Gemstones

The Black Opal has been called the Mother of all Gemstones.

Black Opals are a multicolored, dark gemstone that can only be found in Australia.  An AustralianBlack Opal town, Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, is the main source of black opal.

It is said that the Black Opals has the color of every other gemstone within them.

Black Opal

Black Opal healing properties include:

  • Enhancing your sexual attractiveness
  • Transforming negative thoughts and fears into optimism
  • Assisting in spiritual development
  • Attracting good luck

Wear a Black Opal necklace as a good luck charm.

Black Opal

Can you believe the SIZE of the Opal worn by this woman (she must have plenty of good luck)?!

Check out this video to see more:


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