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Find Your Vedic Gemstones: Part 2 Sun and Moon

Our lives are closely linked to the cycles of the Sun and the Moon.

The Sun defines night and day, phases of the Moon influence the tides and even our mood.

The ancients realized the importance of being in harmony with the cycles of the  Moon and Sun.  They used healing crystals to help facilitate that balance.

In Vedic Astrology, specific healing crystals are associated with the Sun and the Moon.  Crystals are also identified with the Solar and Lunar Eclipse.  The crystals help draw in the energy of the Sun, Moon or Eclipse that they are associated with.

For example, if you are not feeling successful in life, you might want to draw in more Sun energy. You can do that by wearing a Ruby or Red Garnet.

In addition to relating to the zodiac signs of Leo and Cancer, the Sun and Moon also relate to different stages of our life.

 If you are age 12-25 or 42-54 pay extra attention.  The Sun and Moon have their greatest influence during these ages.

What is Your Vedic Crystal?

Which crystal gemstone you choose to wear will bring in the characteristics of the Sun and Moon.

1. The Sun and Its Astrological Sign:  Leo

Your relationship with the Sun has an impact on your physical body.  The sun provides energy, physical well-being, and success in life.

The Sun represents male energy and gives you a strong sense of self-worth.  When the Sun is well placed it gives you the determination to succeed despite the odds.

Birth Dates:  July 23 – August 23.

Life Cycle:  12 – 24 years of age.

Healing Crystals: Ruby

Alternates:  Garnet, Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, and Red Spinel.

2. The Moon and Its Astrological Sign:  Cancer

The Moon represents female energy.  The Moon provides emotional well-being and improves your intuition.  It activates all of your psychic gifts and opens you to work with omens and dreams.

The Moon helps you to discover true joy and happiness.  It enhances your relationship with your mother and the other women in your life in general.  The moon is also associated with fertility and having children.  It helps you better understand the cycles of life.

Birth Dates:  June 22 – July 22.

Life Cycle:  24-25 years of age.

Healing Crystal:  Pearl

Alternates:  Moonstone and Selenite

3. Solar Eclipse (Rahu) and Its Healing Gemstone, Hessonite

Rahu is responsible for the solar eclipse.  In ancient texts, it is considered the dragons or snakes head.

Rahu represents our base instincts and survival skills.  It delivers karma, good or bad based on past actions.  Rahu is similar to Saturn in its effect, except it is more self-centered.  When we have too much of Rahu’s influence we become fixated on worldly desires and never feel satisfied. It make us feel anxious and uneasy. When in control, we can focus that energy promoting fame and success.  Crystals can help promote the positive aspects of Rahu.

Life Cycle:  42-48 years of age.

Healing Crystals: Hessonite Garnet (Cinnamon Stone)

4. Lunar Eclipse (Ketu) and Its Healing Gemstone, Tiger’s Eye

Ketu is responsible for the lunar eclipse.  In ancient texts, it is considered the dragon’s or snake’s body.

Ketu is similar to Mars in its effect.  It influences our spirituality and intuition.  The energy of Ketu is that of detached observer.  At its best, it is said to bring spiritual understanding and even enlightenment.  Negative effects of Ketu include detachment from society, excessive needless travel, and bad dreams.

Life Cycle:  48-54 years of age.

Healing Crystal:  Tiger’s Eye

Harness the power of the Sun and Moon with these crystals. 

We owe much of our understanding of crystal healing based on the ancient traditions of Vedic Astrology!!

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