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Story of Apache Tears

The Story Of The Apache Tears

The name "Apache Tears" came from a haunting story of the Apache Tribe.

In the 1870s, the military launched a surprise attack against an Apache tribe. The attack took place on a cliff that overlooks what is now Superior, Arizona. Nearly 50 of the band of 75 Apaches were killed immediately. Facing defeat, the remaining Apache warriors rode their horses off the cliff face to their deaths rather than be killed by the white man.

The Apache Women and family of those who had died gathered a short distance from the base of the cliff, and for a moon they wept for their dead.  The First People share this legend of the Apache Tears:

Their sadness was so great, and their burden of sorrow so sincere that the Great Father imbedded into black stones the tears of the Apache Women who mourned their dead. These black obsidian stones, when held to the light, reveal the translucent tear of the Apache. FirstPeople

It is said that whoever owns an Apache Tear Drop will never have to cry again, for the Apache Women have shed their tears in place of yours.

Scroll down to listen to "Apache Tears," a moving song by Johnny Cash.

Apache Tears are dark round stones of Obsidian, found in Arizona and other parts of the Southwest U.S. They are formed under special conditions that give them their unique round shape.

I have talked to many people who have very deep connections to Apache Tears. Often this is a childhood memory of a visit to the Southwest. Sometimes it's the comfort of the stone during a period of mourning.

Obsidian in general is a protective stone.  Apache Tears takes this to another level, helping you to be strong during times when you feel vulnerable. You bring in the energy of the Apache Women and understand you are not in this alone.

Listen to this song by Johnny Cash and enjoy the beautiful artwork of Willow.