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Worlds Largest Geode

The World’s Largest Geode

The world's largest geode is near Put-in Bay, Ohio... or is it?

Every year tourist come from around the world to visit a little island in Lake Erie, near the village of Put-in Bay, Ohio.  They're here to go deep in the earth to see what many believe is the world's largest geode.

This geode measures a whopping 35 feet in diameter at its widest point, a limestone cave lined with beautiful blue Celestite crystals.

It was discovered 1897, when a winery encountered it while digging for a well. For many years the owner mined the Celestite crystals; until, it was decided to open it as a tourist attraction. As a side note, it was also a popular hide out for drinking wine during prohibition!

Today most people combine their visit to the crystal cave with a stop at the winery and other local attractions. The combination of wine and angelic crystals, make this spot a popular attraction!

The walls of the chamber walls contain bluish crystals of Celestite up to a foot-and-a-half long. Celestite, sometimes called Celestine, is called the "angelic crystal."  It earned this name because of its soft blue color and ability to connect you to all aspects of the angelic realm.

Largest Geode

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However, not all would agree that this is the largest of the geodes.....

Some argue that the world's largest geode is in Spain.

A large geode discovered in an abandoned silver mine near Almeria, Spain, is a close contender for the largest geode.

This geode made of Selenite crystals (a type of Gypsum) and measures 26 feet long. The crystals are spectacular because of their clarity.

Selenite is a clearing crystal, so I imagine being inside this cave would be a powerful way to clear your aura and refresh you mentally and physically! 

Largest Geode

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Whether you believe the Celestite caves of Put-in-Bay or the Selenite caves of Almeria are the largest geode, they both are extraordinary creation of Mother Nature. 

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