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Largest Geode

The World’s Largest Geode

The world’s largest geode is located in Put-in Bay, Ohio.

The world’s largest geode measures 35 feet in diameter at its widest point and is made of almost pure celestite.

The geode is located near the village of Put-in-Bay, Ohio, on South Bass Island in Lake Erie.  It was discovered 1897 when a winery discovered it while digging for a well.

The walls of the chamber walls are covered in bluish crystals of celestite, up to a foot-and-a-half long (see the video below for more images).
Largest Geode

Celestite is said to be an angelic crystal, connecting to all aspects of the angelic realm.  The combination of wine and angelic crystals, make this spot a popular attraction!

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However, not all would agree that this is the largest of the geodes…..

Some argue that the world’s largest geode is in Spain.

A large geode discovered in an abandoned silver mine near Almeria, Spain, is a close contender for the largest geode.

This geode is made of gypsum crystals and measures 26 feet long.  The crystals are said to be spectacular because of their clarity.

Largest Geode

The size of both geodes is amazing. Imagine being able to walk inside a geode!

For more information on geodes check out  Wikepedia Geodes. 

The feature photo and other photos of Almeria, Spain come from:

Experience being inside a geode!  Watch this short video:

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